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10,000 Bitcoin Mining ASIC Chips Arrive in Switzerland – 3 TH/s

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zefir shipping
10,000 ASICs ready to be shipped

Following last week’s report of Avalon ASICs arriving in China, the first European batch of 10,000 Avalon ASICs arrived in Switzerland today. These ASIC chips are customized components used in bitcoin mining, and require being set in PCB boards before they can be used.  Each Avalon ASIC chip runs at 282 MH/s standard clock and an estimated 300 MH/s overclock. The chips will now be shipped to customers to be set in PCB boards themselves, or to companies such as Burnin who sets them in PCB boards as a service.

Zefir, an organizer of a group buy, posted pictures on the forums. This is the first of a total seven batches (10,000 chips each) organized over a two week period in April. The order was originally placed on April 16th, arriving 99 days later. Avalon’s bulk pricing placed the chips at 0.078 BTC per chip, and Zefir added an addtional 9.9% fee for his service, placing per chip cost at 0.086 BTC. There is an additional 10% fee for tax and customs, plus shipping and a flat fee of $20 per order. A safe estimate places total per-chip cost at 0.1 BTC.

Chips are now being packed for delivery to customers. Larger orders can expect trays of chips, while smaller orders will be packed in small ESD bags. Zefir expects to spend the night organizing orders before driving to Germany for shipping in the morning. Bitcoin difficulty recently skyrocketed to 31,000,000, a 62% increase over the last 30 days – and it doesn’t seem likely to slow down soon.

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