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$2.4 Million Bitcoin Mining Hardware Batch In Production – ASICMiner

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Friedcat just announced that he has begun production of his USB miners, and they are available in 4 different colors. He has solved the power issues mentioned earlier so there should be no issue running it off a standard USB port. Additionally, he has upped the speed from 300 to 330 MH/s on improvements in stability.

The announced 10,000 unit production should amount to a significant revenue for ASICMiner. These units are sold in batches of 300, and priced at 1.99 BTC each. The 10,000 unit lot will sell for a total 19,900 BTC, or over $2,400,000 USD at current exchange rates.

a lot of miners
That’s a lot of 330 MH/s miners

These are the same ASIC chips that were used on board in ASICMiner’s $1,000,000 auction. The blades in that auction had 33 of the chips that will be used in one of the USB-powered devices. They produced over 5,000 chips for that auction, and ASICMiner has proven they are able to get products to market quickly, so there is little reason think these won’t be hitting the market soon. There are currently 200 off the assembly lines, and it won’t be long before all 3.3 TH/s are in miner’s hands.

Despite ASICMiner shares about to break 2.5 BTC each, it doesn’t appear the furor over this company will be slowing down any time soon.

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