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Bitcoin Mining Round 2 – ASIC Miner auctions 50 blades

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Update: The auction has completed, and the 50 blades sold in a price range of 50-65 BTC each.

Following news that ASIC Miner will be more than doubling it’s hashing power to 15 TH/s over the next 7 days, Friedcat announced a second auction of ASIC blades. Like the last set, these will be clocked at 10 GH/s each. Given that the last batch took 4 days to ship from the end of the auction, this is the fastest and most reliable method for buying ASIC mining equipment. The bidding will last for 48 hours, after which winners will have 48 hours to pay.

The last auction ended at around 75 BTC each, however there were only 10 being sold at the time. One would expect a much lower price this time around given the larger quantity, shorter bidding time, and the fact that this is the second round. Current bids seem to be around 10 BTC. A brief description of the miners from his post:

ASICBladeEach of them outputs at least 10G hashes per second. They work well separately, yet are extensible to larger scale. Our entire farm is built up from them. The blades in our mining farm have been running during the last two months. From our experience, they are stable and robust. We list the key features of this product here:

ASIC-Powered Efficiency Each blade consists of 32 hashing chips. It has the baseline speed of 10GHash/s, the rated speed of 10.752GHash/s, and the maximum speed of 12.829GHash/s with overclocking and proper cooling. The power consumption is 83Watts per blade in room temperature on rated clock and voltage.

Modularity Each blades consists of a hasher, a power module, and an Ethernet controller. Each of them is easily replacable.

Independence The blades can be directly plugged to the internet and mine after configuration, with no host PCs needed.

Quick Installation The setup is almost self-explained. After assembly and powering up, access from your PC for configuration.

Friedcat seems to be pretty responsive to user concerns on the forum posts from the last round, and published user tips to help people resolve common problems.

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