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Bitfury Begins Shipping 400 GH/s Bitcoin Miners to US and EU Customers

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Bitfury’s resellers have begun shipping their 400 GH/s “Full Kits” to customers. After initial accounts of prototypes successfully mining on August 2nd, full production units are now ready. Over the last year Bitfury, a Russian ASIC bitcoin mining manufacturer, has been quietly developing a 55nm ASIC chip that runs around 3 GH/s. Bitfury sold bulk quantities of chips to US and EU distributors who partnered with “100 TH/s”, a publicly traded mining company, to develop fully functional units. The ASIC chips must be set in printed circuit boards (PCB) and are controlled using a Raspberry Pi.

bitfury vs bfl
Bitfury’s 400 GH/s next to Butterfly Lab’s 60 GH/s Miner. Taken by Leo.

The first batch of sales were initially projected to arrive at the end of August and commanded a significant premium over October deliveries. Full kits consist of a master board (“M board”) and 16 hashing boards (“H boards”) that plug into the master board. Additionally, the controlling Raspberry Pi and an ATX power supply are included in the Full Kit. Starter Kits include everything listed above but only 1 “H board”.

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The boards and chips were manufactured in China before being distributed to Bitfury who resells through Metabank in Russia, MegaBigPower for the US region, or Bifury Strikes Back for the EU region. Russia was the first to receive chips and begin mining, and have gradually adding hashing power before passing 130 TH/s this weekend in the Bifury mining pool

Russian chips used their own proprietary boards, while the US/EU customers received boards developed in conjunction with 100 TH/s (which has now become 200 TH/s). This public company has a deal to receive 200 TH/s of the early production Bitfury chips, and has already begun receiving dividends from test units. Dave Carlson, in charge of US region sales, reported that around 200 Full Kits were sold for both the August and October deliveries, with August representing about 50 units or 20 TH/s.

Bitfury will clearly have a large impact on the network, but the full amount has not been disclosed. Over 400 TH/s are likely from their pre-assembled units over the next two months, but it is likely that any large-scale orders would be through their bulk chip orders. Bitfury sold lots of 3,000 chips (around 9 TH/s total) for $330,000 on August deliveries and $60,000 on October deliveries. Amid Avalon’s two-month delays with few pre-orders arriving out of the 800,000 chip backlog, Bitfury could emerge as the dominant ASIC mining chip manufacturer until companies like KNC, HashFast and CoinTerra release their 28nm at the end of this year.

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