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KnCMiner Pre-sells over 160 TH/s of ASIC Bitcoin Miners

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KnCMiner broke into bitcoin mining by selling FPGA equipment last year. On May 11th they announced two ASIC bitcoin miners: the Jupiter and Saturn miners. KnCMiner announced today that they pre-sold 890 orders of these devices. Both are reported to be built on 28nm processes, several generations ahead of both Avalon and ASICMiner. The smaller process allows for significantly more efficient power efficiency, as well as mining density – allowing users more hashing power in a smaller chip. The specs of their two miners:


Jupiter: 350 GH/s.
  Shipment in September 2013.
  $6,995 USD price tag.
Saturn: 175 GH/s.
  Shipment in September 2013.
  $3,795 USD price tag.


They teamed up with ORSoC, a well known ASIC manufacturer that is also located in Sweden, near the KnCMiner headquarters. From the KnCMiner web site:

orsc_logoORSoC is a Swedish owned and operated company which has a very long and extensive knowledge within the ASIC and FPGA design field. They also maintain the OpenCores community with over 180 000 members.

Besides their design expertise they bring existing supply chains and agreements that allow Kncminer to take advantage of first class manufacturing companies and locations who specialize in producing this exact type of device.

Following the announcement of their ASIC chips, on June 3rd they released a video of their Mars device – an FPG miner that runs at 6 GH/s, and will have a similar form factor to the ASIC miners. Since it is significantly slower than their ASIC miners, they are considering adapting it to mine other currencies. Because of this speed difference, they will allow customers with Mars perorders to convert to either Jupiter or Saturn orders.


Along with the Mars video, KnCMiner announced opening their orderbook to Jupiter and Saturn pre-orders, with a 7 day window for payment. 100% of the cost of the device is due to reserve a spot in line. Pre-orders filled quickly, and as additional incentive for quick payment they offered a lottery giving away three devices for free:

For those of you who are able to pay in the first 48 hours we will enter your email address into a lottery. After 48 hours we will randomly select three queue numbers, the first name out will get a free Jupiter and Saturn, The second will get a free Jupiter and the Third will get a free Saturn.

This morning, KnCMiner announced that 890 pre-orders have been successfully completed. Each order consists of at least one Saturn or Jupiter device, however it is likely that multiple devices were purchased in the same order. Even if these were all the smaller devices, this would result in over 160 TH/s of miners joining the network in September. This figure could easily be doubled to account for the faster miner, as well as multiple devices in the same order. Given the rapid increase in network speed over the last few months, for KnCMiner customers September can’t come fast enough.

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