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No changes to TradeBlock indices this quarter

There are no changes to TradeBlock indices this quarter. TradeBlock offers 10 indices which serve as real-time, replicable, USD-equivalent spot rates for different digital currencies. Using its industry-leading methodology, TradeBlock’s Indices are designed to enhance price discovery by providing reference rates for underlying digital currencies. In the section below we delineate the current constituents for TradeBlock’s 10 indices that remain unchanged from last quarter.

BCX Index composition

  • Bitstamp: BCH/USD
  • LMAX Digital: BCH/USD
  • Coinbase: BCH/USD
  • Kraken: BCH/USD

ECX Index composition

  • Bittrex: ETC/XBT
  • Coinbase: ETC/USD
  • Kraken: ETC/USD

EOSX Index composition

  • Coinbase: EOS/USD
  • Kraken: EOS/USD
  • Coinbase: EOS/XBT

ETX Index composition

  • Bitstamp: ETH/USD
  • Coinbase: ETH/USD
  • LMAX Digital: ETH/USD
  • Kraken: ETH/USD

LTX Index composition

  • Bitstamp: LTC/USD
  • Coinbase: LTC/USD
  • Kraken: LTC/USD
  • LMAX Digital: LTC/USD

XBX Index composition

  • Bitstamp: XBT/USD
  • Coinbase: XBT/USD
  • LMAX Digital: XBT/USD
  • Kraken: XBT/USD

XLMX Index composition

  • Bittrex: XLM/XBT
  • Coinbase: XLM/USD
  • Kraken: XLM/USD

XMRX Index composition

  • Kraken: XMR/USD
  • Bittrex: XMR/XBT
  • Kraken: XMR/XBT

XRX Index composition

  • Bitstamp: XRP/USD
  • Coinbase: XRP/USD
  • Kraken: XRP/USD
  • LMAX Digital: XRP/USD

ZCX Index composition

  • Kraken: ZEC/USD
  • Bittrex: ZEC/XBT
  • Kraken: ZEC/XBT
  • Coinbase: ZEC/XBT


This update offers transparency to the ongoing commitment of maintaining TradeBlock Indices as industry benchmarks that accurately characterize the digital currency landscape. Quarterly updates will continue to sharpen TradeBlock’s Indices, which are designed to adjust for anomalistic exchange conditions and provide reliable reference rates.

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