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TGB 3Q Review & 4Q Outlook Now Available

The third quarter of 2013 proved to be one of significant transition for bitcoin. After the remarkable increase in bitcoin’s price and public notoriety earlier this year, the last three months have provided a much-needed regrouping period.

New information about issues at existing exchanges became available and dozens more have or will soon come online. Security of the bitcoin network grew dramatically as ASICs increased the network speed exponentially, while a host of new entrepreneurs and investors continue to support the market with ever-increasing infrastructure. The result will be a more structurally sound ecosystem as bitcoin enters its next wave of adoption.

The Genesis Block’s 3Q Review & 4Q Outlook offers a review of the past three months in order to build a foundation for understanding what to expect for the remainder of the year. In this report are TGB’s outlook on trading, network growth, regulatory matters, protocol updates, bitcoin adoption trends, mining review and forecast, and more.

To purchase a copy of the report, please follow the button below, which will direct you to BitPay’s website. When your payment of 0.5 BTC has been confirmed by the network, we will email a copy of the report to the address used for the purchase. For an idea of what to expect in this report, please see our Mid-Year Review and Outlook.

You can reach us at with any questions.
Update, Nov 7: The purchasing period for the 3Q Review & 4Q Outlook has ended. Subscribe via email (in the column on the right side of this site) to be alerted when future reports are available.
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