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TradeBlock Welcomes Three New Team Members

TradeBlock is proud to welcome three new engineers to our team:

Norton Wang

nortonNorton Wang oversees external integrations and account interactions for the TradeBlock Professional platform. He joins TradeBlock with as a long-standing digital currency enthusiast who initially studied electrical and computer engineering at Cornell University before ultimately switching to a major in Computer Science. As a second-generation financial technologist, he built and managed a mid-scale digital currency mining operation by early 2013, further developing his uniquely-suited skill set.

Brian Spry

brianBrian Spry joins TradeBlock as a software developer focused on block chain databases and analytics. He began writing software in high school, working as a freelance developer while obtaining an undergraduate degree in Economics from The College of William and Mary. With a deep understanding of bitcoin’s underlying technology as well as the economic drivers of activity, Brian was a clear fit for the TradeBlock team.

Tristan Lang

tristanTristan Lang, TradeBlock’s newest team member, joins us as a software engineer focused on data analytics. After graduating with a degree in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Economics and Finance from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tristan began his career as a Structured Credit Analyst at Merrill Lynch. He then moved to a role as a Data Management Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, where he analyzed large data sets to optimize operations for various branches of the U.S. Military.

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